pcMedia are experts in education, with a clear understanding of a school’s infrastructure, it’s IT systems and specific support requirements.

Their key focus is to transform a school’s IT systems to provide value and efficiencies that allow for minimal ongoing support. By investing smarter, removing unnecessary investment on outdated hardware and systems, and keeping focus on the classroom, pcMedia delivers a simple solution that works.

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VisTab School Management is a simple and easy to use sign-in procedure for your school.

It records the relevant information for pupils leaving during the day and visitors and relievers coming and going, allowing the school to access critical information for health & safety or in the event of an emergency evacuation.

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Edge has partnered with Ezypay to offer caregivers more payment options, including direct debits, making us the only SMS provider in NZ to provide this service.

This adds payment flexibility for caregivers at no extra cost to your school.

 Sign up today and enjoy the ease Ezypay will bring your students, their whānau and your school.

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Unlock the future of your school library with Oliver by Softlink Education.

This innovative, web-based solution empowers schools and education departments by streamlining administration tasks and providing seamless access from any device.

With its user-friendly interface and advanced functionality, Oliver enhances the library experience, fostering a love for reading and learning. Ensure your school library remains a dynamic hub of learning with Oliver.

To find out more visit: uses the market leading ‘Sporty’ platform to provide your school with a modern new website that reflects your school values and identity – and looks great!  

If your school's website simply needs a refresh, the team from Schoolground can help. There’s even a special 15% discount offer for schools using Edge Learning Solutions.

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Hail is an intelligent communications platform that has been designed for schools to simplify how you create, collaborate and share school information. 

In Hail, you can create a website, a newsletter, portals, school information packs or a critical alert and share it to Edge, social media, website, app and email in a single click.   

Schools are saving between 4 to 8 hours a week by using Hail as well as see a significant increase in community engagement.

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Edge has a partnership with Xero that enables seamless integration between Edge and Xero. 

Know how you’re doing financially with secure daily updates from your bank accounts and a clear visual dashboard. With the integration between Edge and Xero you can get paid faster and improve cash flow by easily creating and sending invoices with online payments and automated reminders for faster payments.

You can also access your business finances anytime, from any internet-connected device, and use the Xero app for iOS and Android.

The Edsby® social learning environment has been putting the connections between people, not just documents, at the center of K-12 education worldwide for more than 10 years.

Edsby enables in-class, hybrid, and online learning, fostering rich communication between students, teachers, and families to drive K-12 student success. School districts, states, provinces, and countries adopt Edsby for community engagement, learning management, assessment & reporting, analytics, and student well-being. Edsby has received more than 70 industry awards and distinctions for its unusually wide set of capabilities in a single platform tailored to the needs of the full range of K-12 learners.

Edsby® has been licensed for national use by the New Zealand Ministry of Education and is available for use by all schools in the compulsory sector.

W​​​​​​​e are also API integrated with the following organisations:

Product Name
MathleticsAn engaging, supportive online learning resource for
EdSmartDigital administration platform to streamline school management
Softlink - Oliver v5Library management system tailored for school
Education PerfectComprehensive learning tool with content across multiple
School StreamMobile app for school communications and administrative
PasstabVisitor management system for tracking school visitors
OperooAutomates school forms and operational tasks to save
Box of BooksDigital and physical textbook platform that simplifies access to learning
ClipboardSports and co-curricular management tool designed for school
Accessit LibraryA versatile library management system that encourages reading and
Parent Teacher OnlineOnline booking system for parent-teacher
OrahComprehensive management system for boarding
pixevetyA secure photo management platform tailored for
AtomiInteractive learning platform with video lessons and
Times Tables Rock StarsFun and interactive game to learn and improve multiplication
HailContent creation tool for school newsletters and
KomodoLearning platform designed to help children master mathematics at
PulseProvides insights into student wellbeing and school
LiteracyPlanetEngaging literacy platform for improving English
MyConcernSafeguarding software to protect students and manage
EdroloComprehensive curriculum-aligned content for high school
SmartRiderSchool transport management
BusMinderBus routing and tracking system for school
Campion EducationEducational resources and textbook
DigistormSchool software solutions including mobile apps and
Parent ID Passport (PIPs)Identity verification tool for school
EMS360Staff development and evaluation system for
Pivot Professional LearningProfessional development tools and resources for
Reach BoardingManagement software for boarding schools to oversee student
RollCallTracking and safety management system for school excursions and
Sparx LearningMathematics learning platform that combines technology with personal
SkodelStudent wellbeing check-in
SchoolsBuddyOrganizational tool for managing school activities and
Educational Ebooks - Lilydale BooksProvides a range of educational ebooks and
Concord InfinitiLibrary management software providing efficient resource
SOCSManagement software for co-curricular and sporting programs in
Toucan TechAll-in-one software for managing school community networks and
EVOLVEHealth and safety management system for school trips and to motivate students through points, badges, and
FireflyLearning platform that enables teachers, students, and parents to engage
myONDigital reading platform offering a variety of books and literacy
ToddleComprehensive platform for managing Primary Years Programme (PYP)
Optimo Systems Co-curricular ManagementSoftware for managing extracurricular activities and
GCSEPodAudio-visual learning content for GCSE
LinewizeCyber safety and digital awareness platform for
PotentialityAlumni management and fundraising tool for
Renaissance Learning - Accelerated ReaderReading enhancement tool that helps students to improve their literacy
FocusCSCurriculum management system that helps schools align their teaching
Learning LaddersParent engagement and learning assessment
Career CentralCareer and pathway planning tool for
CyberEdgeCybersecurity education and training platform for students and
VPassVisitor management system for secure school
GL AssessmentProvider of educational assessments and
Atom LearningAI-powered learning platform for key stage 2 and 11+
BlueSky Digital Labs on behalf of HorizonDigital tools and solutions for effective school
Tes - Provision MapSpecial educational needs (SEN) planning and management
VidigamiPhoto management and sharing platform designed specifically for
FinalsiteWeb solutions for schools including website design and content
SchoolzineDigital publishing platform for school newsletters and
Bedrock LearningVocabulary and reading curriculum for
Practice PalMusic education platform facilitating remote lessons and
ElastikAssessment and learning continuity tools for
BloumCloud-based data management and analytics for
SmartgradeAssessment and feedback tool designed to improve student learning
UnifrogComprehensive platform to help students find and apply for university
Classroom MonitorAssessment platform for tracking student progress in primary
MyMahiDigital platform for student goal setting and wellbeing
EdQuireLearning analytics tool that measures and improves student
Discovery EducationProvides standards-aligned digital curriculum resources and content for
Parents Booking (by Netmedia Limited)Online platform for booking parent-teacher
AccelerusSchool reporting and analysis
STEERMonitoring and supporting student wellbeing and mental
Reading CloudLibrary management and reading development
GO 4 SchoolsOnline platform to manage real-time student data like grades and
TassomaiLearning and revision tool that uses quizzes to build knowledge in
SchoolBridgeIntegrative communication platform for schools and
SenecaFree revision platform that uses cognitive neuroscience to help students
SpacetalkWatch and phone that helps parents stay connected with their
PobblePlatform for teaching writing and providing student writing
NumBotsOnline game for improving early years' numeracy
BlueSky EducationPerformance management and CPD tool for educational
EnrolHQOnline enrolment system for managing school admissions
EnquiryTrackerTool for tracking and managing student enrolment
DoddleResources and homework management system for secondary
SchoolPostOnline platform for school communication via emails and
EdShedEducational platform with tools for spelling, maths, and
MARKOnline assessment and reporting tool for primary
EdPotentialProvides educational data analytics to identify areas for teacher
Evouchers.comPlatform for managing school uniforms and equipment
PaperlyPaper-based learning support platform designed to enhance student
CornerstonesCreative curriculum content provider for primary
NotedNotetaking and collaboration tool designed for educational
SIMONSchool management system for administrative and learning
Maths-WhizzOnline platform offering personalised maths tutoring for children aged
Edapt EducationSupport and resources for teachers, including professional
SchooliPIntegrated suite for managing school improvement and staff
OTrackTool for tracking and analysing pupil progress in primary
Tes - Parents MeetingsOnline tool for scheduling and managing parents meetings at
Dr Frost MathsMathematics learning and revision platform with extensive
SchoolboxAll-in-one learning management system (LMS) and community portal for
JunipaSchool financial management
RollamaRoll marking and attendance management software for
ImproMationEducational improvement and management
Geeks On TapGoogle Cloud services partner focused on supporting educational
EducationCityEngaging educational software for primary reading, language, and
SpellzoneOnline English spelling course accessible to all age and skill
RTGReal-time guardian notification system for student
CompliSpaceCompliance and risk management solutions tailored for the education
Angel Solutions (Balance)Innovative software solutions focusing on education data and
2SimpleEducational software for early years to KS2, covering various subject
MathsWatchComprehensive online maths platform suitable for schools and individual
DiGii SocialSocial learning platform for teaching digital citizenship and online
Century TechAI-driven learning platform for personalised student learning
YouHQTool for student wellbeing and personal
StudiosityProvides online after-hours study support for
miMoveEncourages physical activity and tracks student fitness
Different ClassSchool uniform and merchandise supply and
StepsWebLearning tool for literacy and numeracy
CPOMSSafeguarding, child protection, and pastoral care management
Tes - School RobinsTool designed for improving communication between schools and
MatificInteractive maths learning platform for K-6 with gamified
DocSmartDocument management and workflow automation software for
EducaterBespoke school tracking and reporting software designed for education
FastvueInternet monitoring and reporting software for
RecordMyDigital recording solution for capturing lectures and presentations in
Frog EducationAdvanced learning platform that supports all aspects of
Analytics For SchoolsData analytics and reporting tool tailored for educational
RenaissanceEducational software solutions focusing on assessments and learning
INSPIREOnline platform aimed at improving school administration and learning
Monitor MobileMobile safety monitoring and management system for
FindexFinancial education tools and resources for better money management
tootootEncourages students to report worries anonymously, promoting a safe
Developing ExpertsScience learning platform with lessons and resources for