The complete financial management package.

Our full integrated Accounts package is designed to meet management, end of year and audit requirements for a wide range of schools, clubs and businesses. 

Financial Manager allows:

  • Transaction tracing via search and audit routines
  • Security conscious management of user access
  • Customisation of invoices, statements and receipts
  • Accounting, point of sale, asset management, user access and database utility modules
  • Built in Ministry of Education categories
  • File and report exporting
  • Standard monthly and department reports
  • Report generation to enable custom report design and print reports
  • Single, multiple and batch and template data entry pages for processing
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Import NOVOPAY payroll files
  • Creation of multiple charts of accounts with one active for each year

Financial Manager standard reports include:

  • Income and expenditure reports
  • GST reports
  • Variance and exception reports
  • Cash Flow analysis reports
  • Bank reconciliation reports
  • Ledger summary reports