A detailed, easily updated database of assets. 

Asset Manager allows a detailed and easily updated database of assets to be maintained. Asset Manager is a stand-alone product that also fully integrates with Financial Manager.



Asset Manager features:

  • Assets recorded as an entity, which can then be assigned details of purchase, additions, disposal, revaluation and depreciation information

  • Category, location, department and barcode can be assigned to each asset

  • Asset Detail reports, which can be expanded or modified to meet requirements

  • Asset Summary reports, where assets can be grouped by category, location or department

  • Reports printed within Asset Manager or exported to Microsoft formats

  • Extensive report design and printing

  • Full context sensitive help

  • Customisation of data entry pages

  • Automatic process of depreciation for all assets


Asset Manager’s utility extension includes modules that assist the user in dealing with:

  • Capital purchases

  • Contacts

  • Facility use

  • Key issue

  • Property Maintenance